The Road Less Traveled

Where would you rather be? Sitting in an office or on this boardwalk exploring the coastal rain forests of Olympic National Park? There’s nothing wrong with having a desk job… the trick is to find a way to take “the road less traveled” before it is too late.

How was this photograph created?

This photograph highlights the use of a human element in composition. Many nature competitions adhere to strict rules that no “hand of man” should be visible in the photograph… but sometime a man-made element provides a  bit of impact.  Without the board walk, would the image be as effective?

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  1. Sathya
    Sathya says:

    I agree with including the human element, it does make a difference and sometime makes the shot stand out. In this case I think it is more to do with the composition , and the boardwalk kind of leads u into to the shot !


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