The Portal

Paige, Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona (AZ), USA

Here is an image from the Glen Canyon Recreational Area just outside Paige, Arizona. I took this shot during one of our workshops. In every workshop, we try to take our students to one location where composition is a real challenge. It’s a great learning opportunity – especially when students share their photographs with one another. Students learn to be creative and look beyond the usual for great compositions.

In this shot, why does “the portal” stand out from the rest of the image? The location, shape and colors are so different from the surrounding sandstone… helping to isolate it within the frame. Notice that the reflected sky in the water helps to create a sense of continuity in the picture as well.

This image also demonstrates the use of a strong foreground element. Imagine the image without that foreground reflection. Would the photograph have the same impact?

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