The Looking Glass

Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio (OH), USA

I sold a large-size canvas print of this photo from Hocking Hills last year. Would YOU purchase this photo? I have to admit that this isn’t one of my favorites. To me, it feels dull and lifeless. But it did sell. Even though I offered other, much more spectacular choices.

This is a manually blended image. Surprised? Most photographers are. The range of light is pretty even – so why would I need to blend?

I took two shots: One with a polarizer filter, and one without. Then, I merged them to produce an finished photo that shows reflections, but almost no flare on the wet rocks and sand. I used our iHDR manual blending workflow with layers and masks in Photoshop. My Wacom tablet and stylus were particularly useful for this shot, since I drew a complicated mask. It’s pretty darn difficult to draw with a mouse! :)

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