The Keeper of the Pond

This is a great place to use a circular polarizer filter.

This little guy is going to be famous! :) He will be featured in our next Workflow Series eBook! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a detail shot that would show the effect of a circular polarizer, and this was perfect. I took two shots – one with and one without the polarizer filter. This is the filtered shot. The colors are nice and clean and bright, and you can see lots of details on the surface of the lily pads. Without the filter, the lily pads reflect too much light toward my camera, so all that nice color and detail is lost. I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to wait for the eBook to see the unfiltered shot (mostly because I haven’t processed it yet.) ;) I guess this is just the teaser.

So there you go! Now you can say you knew him before he was famous!

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