The End of Days

Kilauea Lava Flow, Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

This is a shot from the Big Island of Hawaii. Here, the lava flows in to the sea. I loved the chaos of this location. The slow shift of the fiery lava that created a startling new landscapes overnight. The intense heat against my skin – and the steady breeze off the sea that tossed my hair, and provided a breath of fresh air above the burning. The furious boiling as hot lava hit the cool ocean – and the rush of steam that seemed to have a life of its own. The lava creates a brand new landscape – by destroying everything in its path. Houses. Trees. Livelihoods. We walked for two hours and saw just one living creature – a tiny spider that had laid claim to the wasteland and spun a little hammock to call home.  In some places – where the lava was old – tiny plants were springing up. Harbingers of a new world to come.

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  1. Ted Gore
    Ted Gore says:

    Hi Varina, nice photo. Can I ask how you accessed this area? I’ve heard it requires a guide, and have been told about Tom and Bruce of extreme exposures. I’m going to the big island next month, and certainly want to shoot the lava flow. Those guys charge $750 for half a day… so expensive! Wondering what your experience was with getting these shots. Thanks so much!


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