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Pottery - Catarina, Nicaragua

These beautiful pots are made entirely by hand in the village of Catarina in Nicaragua. Aren’t the details incredible?

We visited the shop with the kids from Empowerment International during our workshop with The Giving Lens. On that day, we were working with the kids to teach the fundamentals of  Photojournalism. We wanted the kids to focus on telling a story with their photographs. We asked them to get in close to their subject and include only those elements that were important to the story. They tried to avoid elements that might be distracting. You can see my own photo-journalistic photo below.

I converted this second image to black and white to remove color as a distracting element, helping the viewer to focus on the artist and his detailed work.  I chose an angle that let me show his face and hands and his beautiful artwork… but nothing in the background except for the textured wall behind him. I chose to photograph this artist because he was sitting near a high window that allowed beautiful soft light to highlight his work, enhancing the shape of the pot and the details he is working to create.

Pottery - Catarina, Nicaragua

What would you have done differently? Would you have cloned out the logo on his shirt? It’s distracting… but maybe it’s part of the story? Would you have chosen an angle that showed the workshop in the background? What about the black and white conversion? Would you prefer to present an image like this in full color to show the reality of the scene?

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  1. Emaad
    Emaad says:


    Yes, I agree with you logo on his shirt is distracting and teacher I have a question regarding its composition. Cutting the shape of artwork at bottom of bowl is good or we should add whole shape of bowl? Composition is my weakest point and I am seeking advice from all cyber teachers like you. My question is how we can play with shapes in composition.


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