Tell Me Your Storm Story!

Bosque del Apache Wildlife Preserve, New Mexico

Incoming storm at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Preserve in New Mexico. The wind was crazy, so I used a long exposure to blur the colors. Wind makes everything more fun! ;)

I recently put together a tutorial for shooting in stormy weather, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite stormy shots just for fun. I’d love to hear about your experiences shooting in nasty weather! I think it would be fun to collect some interesting stories and share them here on our blog – so if you have a cool shot, and a story to go with it, please share it in the comments below! Leave a link for your image, along with a link to your website or social media page, and let me know if it’s ok to share with the world.


This was a really tough shot. I need a 30-second exposure to smooth the surface of the water… but the wind and rain and spray were making a real mess of my lens. I took several shots before I got one that was (mostly) free of water droplets!


This is what happens when the temperature plummets after a winter rain storm.

Through the Rain - Varina Patel

I took this shot through the windshield of a stopped car. Heavy rain made the whole world feel like an abstract.

Heaven and Earth

Peyto Lake is awesome no matter the weather… but I love storms! I used a wide angle lens to include as much of the landscape as possible.

We were the first ones to arrive at Bryce after an overnight snowfall. Gorgeous!

The Pearl and the Storm

This one really crept up on us. We ended up having to run for cover – but I stopped to grab a quick shot. ;)

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