Summer Greens

Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania (PA), USA
On our first visit to Ricketts Glen, we got very lucky. We arrived right after a storm, when the waterfalls were flowing beautifully. The leaves and the vegetation were green, and there were flowers growing everywhere.

This was a easy shot. I used my Induro (CT113 Carbon Fiber tripod) to keep the camera steady, and fired off a single exposure. Post processing was quick and easy. I chose my basic RAW settings carefully to get the color balance just right. A shot like this is easy to take, but it’s not always easy to see the beauty it in the first place. What do I mean by that? Well – when there are big waterfalls all around you, you might not notice the quieter and more subtle beauty of reflections and ripples. Once I noticed the colors, I focused on choosing an interesting angle and picking a shutter speed that would show the smooth lines in the water. Here are some tips for capturing scenes like this one:

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