Here is an example of why it is not always a good idea to follow the crowd. When I took this shot, there were about 100 photographers lined up on the opposite shore of Maroon Lake trying to photograph the “classic shot” of the Maroon Bells. But I was drawn to the this submerged log just below the water on the opposite side of the lake. The skies over the mountains weren’t doing much – but facing in the opposite direction, I was able to capture these beautiful clouds over the still waters of the lake.

I did not use a circular polarizer to capture this image. Why? Because I wanted to show the colors of the clouds reflected in the water. I stepped into the cold water of the Maroon Lake and positioned my camera so that the reflected light was not over the submerged log. I waited until the water was perfectly still before taking three bracketed shots. This is a manually blended image using our manual iHDR workflow.

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