It took me almost 7 years to take this photograph. When I visited this location the first time, it was in the middle of the afternoon and there was a massive log blocking the view of the waterfall. On my second visit, I left my water shoes in the car… I mean, why take shoes when there is a log blocking the view of the falls. Right? Of course, by then, the log was gone. It took me another year to get back to this location – and this time, I brought those shoes! The water was freezing cold from snow melt, but my neoprene water shoes kept my feet relatively warm.

I chose a vertical composition to create depth in the photograph. In order to get the shot, I had to wade into the fast-moving flow. I waited until the bubbles in the water were close to my camera before releasing the shutter so that I could capture the white streaks. I decided to bracket the exposure to get the right size streaks in the foreground with one exposure and get enough details in the waterfall in a second exposure. I used our iHDR workflow to blend the two exposures for this finished image.

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  1. Nikolay Mirchev
    Nikolay Mirchev says:

    This is what it takes sometimes in order to create a beautiful image, lots of people underestimate photography as a profession and they don’t even realise how demanding and hard could be to get one of these stunning images they see on the cover of a magazine. I really admire photographers like you who will come back and again to their objects till you get the right frame in time!!!
    In this shot I really like the motion on the foreground it adds so much life and dimension to the overall look of the image.


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