Rock Garden

When you hike out to this place in De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area (New Mexico) you can’t help but smile at the funny little hoodoos that litter the landscape. They’re everywhere. And they almost seem like sculptures. It’s as if someone came out and placed them one at a time. I took this shot just moments before the sun set. I wanted to capture the shadows stretching across the desert, and the soft, golden light painting the rocks. I also wanted to show how many of these stones there were – without letting the composition get too busy. So, I chose a nice big one and got in close to it. I couched down and placed my camera so that the rock filled the foreground. The wide-angle lens helps to exaggerate the size of objects that are close – and objects that are further away seem smaller. That’s exactly the effect I wanted here. I decided not to include the sky in the photograph because I felt that it wouldn’t add anything to the image.

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