Remains of Water

Mud & more mud…is what you get if you venture into the Paria River canyon. The mud sticks to your shoes. It sucks at the legs of your tripod. It makes your pants heavy and stiff. And it sucks you down if you stand still long enough. But mud is great fun to photograph! I venture out into the river whenever possible….even when the river is a frozen sheet of ice in the middle of January. :)

How was this image created?

Choosing the proper exposure was very simple because the entire scene was evenly lit. The photograph is all about composition. I positioned the camera close to the cracked mud in the foreground so that I could use those incredible patterns as a dominant foreground. Perfect undisturbed jigsaw puzzles are rare to find in nature, and repetitive form is often an attractive element of composition.

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  1. Chris Anstey
    Chris Anstey says:

    I’m going out to South Africa and expecting some great Landscapes. What type of camera do use for the job. Are these cut down systems like the SONY NEX-5N compact up to the job?


    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel says:

      HI Chris,

      Not having played with Sony camera before my knowledge of them is limited, so I am unable to respond directly to your question. Here are some things you should consider when going on a trip to South Africa:
      What kind of environment the camera will face? If the environment is very harsh will the camera stand up to it…if not take a back up camera.
      Make sure you have long lens to capture any wildlife you want to shoot…you may need a tripod with it.

      Good luck with your trip.


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