Red River

Here’s an image from Yellowstone National Park that show of its unique geology – the deep orange color of the bacterial mats, the bluish tinted steam rising from Grand Prismatic hot springs, and the subtle reflections of the mountains in the shallow water.

As you may have guessed, this is a manual blend of 3 separate images. I used our iHDR workflow for processing. I was careful to preserve the natural light gradient from extreme brights to deep shadow. I also worked to maintain the subtle details that are so important to the scene – the reflections, foreground textures, the slight bluish color of the steam. I wanted to make sure that no part of the image was overexposed.

But despite all this, I’m not entirely happy with this shot. Why? I shot it at ISO 640. But I had a tripod with me, and could easily have set up the shot and taken it at 100 ISO. I had forgotten to change the ISO from an earlier shoot. So I have more noise than I’d like in this image. Oh well – these things happen. ;)

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