Rainbow in the Mist

I took this shot of Skógafoss with a 70-200mm lens, a circular polarizer, and a neutral density filter. I needed a longish shutter speed to blue the surface of the water in bright conditions, so that the rainbow would stand out against a smooth background. The neutral density filter helped with that – and the polarizer allowed me to increase the shutter speed even more, while also helping to bring out the brilliant colors in the rainbow. With both filters, I could reduce the shutter speed to .6 seconds at f/11. Just enough to smooth the water to my liking.

This was such a beautiful location – but the climb was steep. After my little run-in with the icebergs the day before, I couldn’t climb the hill… so I stayed behind. At first I planned to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunshine while I waited, but the more I looked at the falls, the more I wanted to shoot it. The view from below wasn’t very exciting… I wanted something a little different. And this is the result. This was the best weather of the entire trip, too. Warm and sunny! Such pleasure after yesterdays difficulties!

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  1. Jack Verite
    Jack Verite says:

    nice work. Sharing post info would be cool as well, as I’m sure there’s a little more to it then just exposure settings and filters used.

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      Hmm… in this case, not much, Jack. Post-processing took about 30 seconds. I checked my white balance, reduced the clarity slightly for very slight softness, and cropped just a bit to remove a tiny dark area in the corner. I try to get it right in the camera so that I can spend more time in the field and less in front of a computer… though that doesn’t always work. ;)


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