Portrait Photography – Baby Lucas

Portrait photography is fun – and photographing babies is the best. Check out this cutie! I photographed Lucas (and his big brother, Dylan) in my living room/studio. We have a very simple home studio that tears down so that our living room can return to normal. A roll of paper hung from the ceiling that nobody notices when it’s rolled up… shiny, white panels for the floor that are stacked in the basement when we aren’t using them… black curtains that hang from hooks and get rolled up and stored at the back of the coat closet… and flash units, umbrellas, and stands that disappear into a nice little trunk in the corner when I don’t need them. Our furniture is easy to move aside, and the room is wide open with lots of windows for natural lighting – and blinds that close easily for when I don’t want natural light. The whole setup is very simple and it takes me about ten minutes to get the whole thing ready.

We’ve used this setup for thousands of photo shoots – everything from portraits to stock to product photography.

So – what about you? How do you set up for indoor photography? Do you have a studio in your home? Do you drape a sheet and use natural light from a window? Do you just grab a camera and to heck with the light or the background?

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