On the Lonely Shore

Do you usually have a clear idea of what you are after when you are shooting – or do you shoot what’s in front of you, and look for something good in your collection later? Are you looking for something unique and different? Or trying to replicate a photo you’ve seen before?

I’m curious about what goes on in photographer’s minds as they are standing out there with their cameras.

I can only explain my own thought process. :) Most of the time, when I’m shooting, I have a pretty solid feeling for the finished image I want to present. This shot was no exception. I knew I would convert to black and white in Post-Processing, and I could see the image I wanted to create in my head. A high-key shot with some clean contrast in the foreground rocks. It took some time to get exactly what I wanted, though – because the sand was dry at low tide. I knew that as the tide came in, the waves would wash away the footprints and bicycles tracks. So I waited. Finally, a single wave came all the way to the base of my tripod – filling the depression around the rock with water, and smoothing the surface of the sand throughout my entire composition. As the wave pulled back, I snapped a single photograph. The next wave, was as high as my knees, and the rocks were underwater for the duration.

I posted this question over on Google+ a while back, and I thought the responses were really interesting! Please feel free to join in the discussion over there – or comment here and add your input!

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