Man versus Nature

Most of the time, we go out of our way to avoid people or man-made objects when we shoot. But sometimes certain “human elements” can enhance an image. They give us something we can relate to. Something familiar and safe. Maybe a sense of scale, or history, or struggle. Here are a few of our photos that include a little bit of humanity.

This lovely, old bridge invites the viewer to walk right into the scene and explore the temperate rain forest in Washington’s beautiful Olympic National Park.

The light streaming between these silhouetted forms lends an ethereal feel to a decidedly human scene. This is a shot from one of our workshops in Yellowstone National Park.

The interior walls of this cabin in Wyoming frame the distant Tetons and remind us of times gone by.

A wide-angle lens adds an off-kilter feel to this shot of an open gate and the pretty Tennessee cabin beyond.

I took this photograph of our friend, Anna, during a visit to Canon Beach. This is one of my favorite portrait photos. I think this shot speaks for itself.

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