Lower Grinnell Lake

I love Grinnell Glacier Trail. The hike is about 12 miles, with about 1500 feet of elevation gain – so it’s not an easy one… but with breathtaking view like this one along the way, it’s well worth the effort! A few minutes before I took this photograph we were forced to stop because of three fully grown big horn sheep who were blocking the trail. We came upon them suddenly, and they were so close that I could see veins in their eyes. We just stood there and stared at each for a few minutes, and then they jumped right over the ledge to the cliffs below, and let us pass.

This photograph is all about timing. We had passed this location on our way up to the glacier, but the sun was directly in our eyes. So, we decided to shoot on our way back. We thought we might not make it back in time because we were stalled by the sheep on the trail – but we made it with a few minutes to spare. I used a circular polarizer for this shot.

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