I Will Fly Away

Look closely at this photograph…Do you see the ghostly image of the geese as they fly through the photograph? I timed my shutter release so that I would catch the birds as they were flying overhead. The tall silo prevented me from the using a GND filter, so I used manual blending for proper exposure and colors. The composition showcases the spectacular sky.

This little farm is just a couple of miles from our house, and the barns you see here are schedule to be demolished to make way for a housing development. This photograph seems to be an appropriate goodbye to Corbett’s Farm – a place that meant a lot to the children in this area.

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  1. amy b.
    amy b. says:

    So beautiful and fitting. There are old farm buildings around here in a state of disrepair that makes me know they will someday disappear. I will miss them.

  2. Kim Kafton
    Kim Kafton says:

    I love this photo with the ghostly geese flying through. The blog and photo is a lovely final honor to this family farm to be lost forever. It’s sad to continue to lose the American family farm. Breaks one’s heart. I suppose we cannot stop the march of time nor natural progression of yet another housing project. Thank you for memorializing this family farm. You might consider donating a copy to the local municipal museum in your area. They love to preserve such memories for future generations to enjoy and remember. Bravo to you for preserving this moment.

    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel says:

      Thank you Kim. Glad you enjoyed the photo. The owners of the farm gave me permission to photograph it any time I wanted. Before they moved out, I had printed a large image for them and signed it. That print is hanging in their new home.


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