Havasu Falls – The Swimming Pool

Havasu Falls, Havasu Canyon, Arizona (AZ), USA

Havasu Falls is a true paradise. We hiked ten miles into Havasu Canyon to get to the falls – carrying about 30-35 pounds of gear on our backs. The first time I visited, it rained and snowed while we were there, but I paid no attention to the weather. I crossed the river a few times, fell in and got wet and very cold, and even lived without coffee for 3 straight days (can you imagine?). I loved it so much that I did it all over again the following year. :)

This was a really easy shot. The lighting was very even so I didn’t need to worry about blown highlights, and I used a circular polarizer filter to bring out the brilliant colors in the water. In post, I had to ensure that I could see the details in every part of the image. What was the hardest part? Keeping the water off my lens! :)

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  1. Dave Spindle
    Dave Spindle says:

    Incredible colors! Beautifully done. I’m especially fascinated by the detail behind the falls. I see what looks like moss or lichen and sandstone. I’m trying to figure out what the light tan colored pieces are…they look like sections of thin tree bark.


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