In 1850, there were 150 glaciers in Glacier National Park (Montana). Today, there are 26. By 2020, there may not be a single glacier remaining in the park.

Scientists are studying the region to try to understand the impact of humans on current warming trends – and to find out if humans could cope with severe changes in climate. It’s a fascinating debate… and it’s sad to watch the glaciers melt away.

On the other hand – the beauty of the park is as much about the legacy of those massive, shifting rivers of ice as it is about their continued presence. The area is indelibly marked by the freezing and thawing and re-freezing of glaciers over time. This might just be my favorite park in the entire US – don’t quote me on that, I might change my mind tomorrow… but I do love Glacier.

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  1. Joseph Stock
    Joseph Stock says:

    Im courious as to where your information on disappearing glaciers come from. I’m a junior at fgcu in Florida and would appreciate any peer reviewed data you could point me to.


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