Douglas Falls

The colors you see in this photograph are a combination of human intervention and natural factors. Acid run off from old mines in the region are causing the usual orange coloration you see here. While the colors make for a striking photograph, the acid content is harmful to ecosystem, and efforts are underway to clean it up.
While the photograph is eye catching, the composition is very unbalanced and feels heavily weighed to the left. What do you think?

The challenge here was to capture all the details and colors in the photograph. It would have been easy to overexpose the intense orange colors in the foreground… so I adjusted my exposure and processing to bring out the details in the rocks. Heavily overcast skies helped to soften the light, so choosing a proper exposure was easier than it would have been on a sunny day. However, even with the soft light to help brighten shadows and eliminate harsh highlights, targeted adjustment were necessary to bring out the details in every part of the image. I used a circular polarizer to reduce the glare on the wet rocks.

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