Bryce Canyon

There is nothing like photographing Bryce Canyon National Park in the morning, and on this day, the sky put on a beautiful show for us.

I choose to shoot this image facing almost 90 degrees from the sun to bring out the textures in the sandstone. I used a soft GND filter to balance the light between the ground and the sky. Even with the GND filter, I had to do a little work in post-processing in order to balance the sky and ground.

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  1. piyush sharma
    piyush sharma says:

    hello sir and ma’am :)
    i hope you both are doing great !
    Well, i am from India and also one of the die hard fan of your work ,really sir it inspires me a lot and motivates me to go ahead and try new new experiments …
    well sir, i would like to learn photography from you ,is it possible ? do you conduct any classes even in your country or in India ??
    that would be great ‘i guess

    regards :)

  2. Küster
    Küster says:

    Congratulations on your work! I’m amazed by the quality of your photos, especially the ones with landscape. Have you thought about releasing a wallpaper package? I’d love to put your amazing photos on the screen of my laptop.
    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers from Brazil.


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