Beautiful Iceland

The sky was beautiful – but not over the waterfall I had planned to shoot. What to do? Well, that’s an easy one. MOVE! Go shoot where the light is right! :)

There you go. That’s my piece of advice for the day. Brilliant, eh?

Seriously though. I took this shot while we were in Iceland… (You can check out our trip report for day 7 if you haven’t read it before.)

The shot you see here is not the one I was waiting for… but I’m perfectly happy with that. Nature photographers don’t get to adjust the lighting to their specifications. We’re stuck with what we get. On this morning in Iceland, I was all set up and ready to shoot the sunrise over some beautiful waterfalls. But the sun wasn’t particularly interested in lighting up the sky over the falls. Instead, it put on a pretty little show over this mountain in the distance. I was uninspired by the foreground, so I took off my wide-angle lens, and replaced it with a 70-200mm. Then, I zoomed in to capture the beautiful colors in the sky and the dusting of snow on the mountain. It had just snowed the night before, so I was able to capture the beauty of the snow contrasting against the stark lava slopes.

I’m not disappointed. In fact, this is one of the things I love about nature photography. You never know what you’ll come away with! I was expecting to get a shot of those waterfalls… and I could see the shot in my mind. I didn’t get that shot… but I came home with something entirely different.

When only a small area of the sky is rich with color, that’s a great time to pull out a long lens. With a wide angle lens, this small area of color would seem insignificant within the frame. With a long lens, I can fill the entire frame with color! Bang on!

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  1. Aniket
    Aniket says:

    That’s a lovely pic. Also second you on the flexibility in using lenses.
    Wide angle not always serves the purpose! Thanks for sharing

  2. Linda Green
    Linda Green says:

    I love the subtle colors in the sunset and the sharpness of the mountain…black with white and a very nice foreground. I’m glad the light wasn’t there for the falls this time…otherwise, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see this beautiful photo…thanx for sharing!


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