Aspen on Marble

Marble, Colorado (CO), USA

Can you see the fractal patterns on the leaves?

I often overlook little things like this. As landscape photographer, I prefer wide vistas and dramatic light – but tiny landscapes like these are just a fascinating. When I looked at this leaf, I didn’t notice its individual veins, but a 180mm Macro opened up another world entirely.

This is a focus stacked image. Working with a macro lens means my depth of field is very limited. I used my Live View focusing mechanism and took a few shots to ensure that every part of the photo was in focus. Later, I combined those photos in Photoshop. Do the dew drops appear 3-dimensional? I used my jacket and camera bag to produce shadows so those droplets stand out against the flat surface of the leaf.

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  1. Paul Conrad
    Paul Conrad says:

    I love the little details in nature.

    I sometimes think we foget that the grand vistas are actually a bunch of tiny vistas. I also think that we forget that what makes nature so perfect is its imperfections.

    Great photo!


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