Aperture and Composition

I wanted a specific effect when I took this shot… here’s what I was thinking.

Late last Fall, I went out and took some photos of the frost and frozen droplets on autumn leaves in my back yard. I used a small clamp to hold the leaf off the ground in front of my camera. I wanted even lighting on the leaf, and a clean background of autumn color behind. I chose to shoot at f16 to get some extra depth of field on the leaf, and to keep some of the subtle bokeh on the leaves behind. A wider aperture would have resulted in the loss of the bokeh effect. (I can hear some of you saying it… “Bokeh at f/16?” Sure. If the leaves are far enough from my lens… and they were. I’d guess that they were about 20 meters away.)

As usual, I wanted an extremely simple composition – no distractions. But I also wanted to make sure the image showed the character of the leaf. I looked for a leaf with a nice shape, and a bit of uniqueness. The little twist at the lower left stood out to me – subtle, but beautiful – and I loved the small hole on the right as well… especially since it is ringed with frost.

Autumn in Ohio is incredibly beautiful! It is absolutely gorgeous out there when the sun creeps over the horizon!

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  1. Maarten Wentink
    Maarten Wentink says:

    Hi Varina,

    You and Jay are truly inspirational to me. You explain how it takes work, both physical and mental to come up with beautiful images. Although I have much to learn I know with lots of work and determination I will get those shots I have been wanting to create. Thanks.

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      Thank you Maarten! I’m feel very honored to have been an inspiration to you. I hope that you can learn a lot from our posts. We try hard to share the knowledge that we have gained from so many others. It’s one small way that we can pay it forward. Good luck with your photography!

  2. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Me parece muy interesante este artículo.
    Desde ya todo el pensamiento de fotógrafo previo a la toma de la imagen es enriquecedor.
    A la creatividad hay que buscarla.

    Un abrazo.

  3. Nilu Farhat
    Nilu Farhat says:

    WOW!your photography is absolutely relishing and skillful. And even more beautiful are your words of explanation. One can actually feel the depth of your involvment with beauty of nature. It is very inspiring and pacifying. best wishes!


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