A Tale of Two Falls

Mooney Falls is the second major falls in Havasu Canyon. To climb down to access the falls is an adventure in itself. You have to climb down a steep cliff using wet, moss-covered ropes and shallow handholds that have been carved into the side of the cliff. I loved every minute of it! On my first visit to the Canyon, it snowed in the night and rained for a couple of days while we were camping there.

This image is all about composition and details. I wanted to show to smooth lines in the water, but they are much brighter than the surrounding areas, and seemed to lose their details in the original image. I processed a single image twice – once the the water, and once for the rest of the scene. Then I manually blended them so that you can see the flow lines in the water as well all the details in the rich red rock surrounding the falls. I chose to include the sediment formation in the foreground because it seems to flow just like the water in the background. Because of this, I titled the image A Tale of Two Falls.

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