A Pig for the Feast

When little Eveling got sick, her family was very worried. They prayed for her recovery. When she was well again at last, they purchased this little pig. They are fattening him up to prepare for a feast, celebrating their answered prayers.

Barrios - Granada, Nicaragua

When we visited Granada last year, we were invited to take photographs for one of the Empowerment International families in the barrios. Maybe you remember this photo from that morning. Juanita is washing little Eveling’s hair as they prepare for school in the morning.

Juana Washes Eveling

When we returned to Granada this year, we were thrilled to be able to return and visit the children again. We brought prints (donated by SmugMug) of the photos we took last year and gave them to the families. It was great to see these girls again. Their mother told us that it had been a hard year. Eveling’s illness took it’s toll, but they are so grateful that she is healthy and strong today. Both girls had grown since our last visit, and I got lots and lots of hugs! Lucky me!

Barrios - Granada, Nicaragua

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