eBook: The Mask Series-Masks 101

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In order to take full advantage of today’s “dark room” tools, a photographer should have a basic understanding of masks in Photoshop. Masks are used to create transparencies, perform adjustments to a part of an image (rather than the entire image), and to combine two or more images. But how do masks work? In this eBook, we’ll guide you through the basic creation and manipulation of masks. We explain how Photoshop represents masks, and we use embedded videos to show you how to use various tools to manipulate them. You will gain the most from this article if you have a basic knowledge of the Photoshop interface, and a basic familiarity with layers.

Note for MAC Users: MAC users tell us that PDF files sometimes open in the default MAC PDF reader, rather than Adobe Acrobat Reader. The default MAC PDF reader may not play the videos embedded in PDF eBooks. Please open these files with Adobe Acrobat 9.xx Reader for smooth video playback.

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