The Workflow Series

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Collection:  Waterfalls, Coastlines, Mountains, Details & Macro

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So, you want to learn from the pros – but you can’t afford pricey seminars or on-location workshops? Then this collection is for you! The Workflow series is the next best thing to shooting on-location with Varina and Jay Patel. These eBooks are meant to provide real-world examples and clear explanations for photographers who want to learn from professionals. In each eBook, Jay and Varina present six images. They explain their thought process in the field, the techniques they used in-camera, and the post-processing work they used to produce the finished product. The result is an in-depth look at the reality of landscape photography – the vision, the process, and the result.

The Workflow Series: Waterfalls

Shooting waterfalls can be a challenge, but water is one of the most captivating subjects in landscape photography. We are enthralled by trickling cascades, and awed by thundering water and rising mist – but it’s not easy to capture the beauty of a majestic waterfall and create an image that conveys that same sense of wonder.

So, take a walk with the pros. We’ll visit six waterfalls, and listen in as Varina and Jay explain their thought process in the field. We’ll watch and learn as they process their favorite images in Photoshop. And when they’re finished, we’ll get a good look at the finished products – six images that capture the beauty and personality of some of nature’s most inspiring features… waterfalls!

The Workflow Series: Coastlines

Join Varina and Jay as they visit six stunning coastlines – from Bahia Honda in Florida to the Makawehi Lithified Cliffs in Hawaii! Coastlines are some of the most dynamic and beautiful places on earth. Join Varina and Jay as they discuss the challenges they face as they shoot. Examine the decisions they make in the field… and on the computer during processing. Take this opportunity to climb inside the mind of professional wilderness photographers.

The Workflow Series: Mountains

With this third eBook in the wildly popular Workflow Series, join the pros as they photograph six mountain locations – from Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah to Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies! Mountains present some of the most grandiose and majestic scenes on earth. Follow Varina and Jay once again as they walk through their entire workflow for shooting in the mountains – from fieldwork to post processing!

The Workflow Series: Details and Macro

This is the fourth eBook in our wildly popular Workflow Series. Join professional photographers, Varina and Jay Patel, as they discuss their vision, their thinking process, and the post-processing workflow they use for six of their most popular macro images.  Learn about circular polarizers, focus stacking, depth of field, and so much more! The pros will show how you can use a wide variety of techniques to create stunning macro and detail photographs!

Check out the sample pages below!

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