Exploring Bromeliad Forest

To visit this Bromeliad Forest, we had to hike through a muddy swamp and skirt the edge of a large alligator hole to get there.

Get Yourself Oriented

Do prefer to shoot in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation? We prefer to shoot in both orientation....Here is why.

Turtles Encounter

While trying to photograph turtles in Hawaii, we literally bumped into a friendly honu (a green sea turtle) who was feeding at our feet in the shallow tide pool.

Creating a Sense of Place

Jay uses a simple technique of shallow DOF combined with a carefully chosen subject to capture a sense of place.

Selling Your Fine Art Prints

In this short interview Paul Marcellini provided us with a wealth of information about how he goes about selling his fine art prints.

The 3 Legged Thing Brian, a Great Travel Tripod

Tripods come in every size, but for somebody like Ugo Cei, who most often takes photos while traveling, a good, compact travel tripod is a must.

Sea Lions at Cannibal Bay

While filming our course in New Zealand, we unexpectedly ran in to this good-looking sea lion & he was a perfect model

Leading Lines with Man made objects

Jay offers a few words of advice on using leading lines in your photos.

Lens Comparison by Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini demonstrates how he uses different lens impacts negative space around the subject.

Bouncing the Light for Macro Photography

In this short video, Varina Patel gives a quick tip about how she handles light on her subject using a simple reflector.