Lake Apoyo, Catarina, Nicaragua

Eruption of Mambacho, Nicaragua

The top of the mountain is clothed in a beautiful "cloud forest" with its own unique ecosystem.
Jokulsarlon, Iceland

The Jewel

On our first night at Jökulsárlón earlier this year, we found this blue iceberg sitting all by itself on the black sand beach.
Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming (WY), USA

Cloud Burst over The Tetons

I chose this spot because from here, the small pond in the foreground reflected the brilliant colors in the sky.
Hof, Iceland

In the Shadows

The sun was just coming out from behind the mountains, and it cast a soft, perfect light on the lupines.
Hellissandur, Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Miles of Lupine

We found the church in the lupine we were looking for while scouting the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland.
scotland_4045 copy


The moors of Scotland were difficult to leave. We spent just three days in Scotland, and we did get one day of fantastic weather.

With Love from Me to You

I used a wide aperture to produce a very narrow depth of field, so that very little of this photo is in sharp focus.
The Pearl and the Storm

Tell Me Your Storm Story!

These are some of my favorite stormy shots. I'd love to hear about your experiences shooting in nasty weather!
Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Candy Land - Jökulsárlón, Iceland

We spent 3 night at Jökulsárlón photographing the calm waters of the glacier lagoon. We got a fantastic light show on this windless night.

To a Point - Death Valley

We walked about a mile and half into the salt flats at Badwater to find a place that hadn't been trampled by tourists. It was worth it.