What the Heck is a Histogram? – Now Available at Flatbooks.com

We’ve teamed up with Flatbooks to offer our Popular eBook: What the Heck is a Histogram?

What the Heck is a Histogram? is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to understanding and using histograms to improve your photography. In it, we explain the relationship between the histogram, and contrast and exposure in the image it represents. We offer tons of real-world examples to help you understand how to use histograms in the field and in post-processing.

Why are we selling our eBooks with Flatbooks? Because Flatbooks offers a large collection of excellent eBooks from a variety of authors. The books cover a wide range of topics and are geared towards all different skill-levels. Plus, the site is easy to navigate and the order process is simple. Check it out!

And right now, you can get a discount on What the Heck is a Histogram? with this discount code: jayandvarinaonflatbooks

We hope you enjoy it!

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