What Sells: Into the Light Screen Saver

In our digitized society, we sell images to a wide variety of buyers – it’s not just magazines, books, and calendars anymore. Earlier this year, we were contacted by Second Nature, which produces high resolution screen savers for computer desktops. They licensed thirty of Jay’s images – and 30 of Varina’s – for nature-themed screen-saver collections!

As part of the licensing deal, we are able to give away 50 FREE downloads to our fans. If you are interested, you can visit the following link:


Special Coupon Code: jaylightpat

Instructions: Use the Regular Check-Out Method. At the bottom left of the Payment screen, enter your special coupon code.
(If you use the Yahoo Wallet Method: At the bottom of the Review screen on the bottom left, enter your special coupon code.)
The final cost for the collection will be $0.

Next week, we’ll provide the information for free downloads of Varina’s collection.

We hope you enjoy your new screen saver! A big thank you to Second Nature for allowing us to offer them free of charge!

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  1. lynn anderson
    lynn anderson says:

    thanks so much for the free download. it’s much appreciated. i am a fan of your photography. i like it so much. all images have been so beautiful. again, thanks.

  2. Vytas
    Vytas says:

    Thanks for being so generous with your pictures, they are so beautiful.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work, begrudgingly I installed another program on my computer, (the more programs, the slower the computer) but then I received the message that my “Email and Zip Code” was incorrect and wouldn’t download any of your pictures. I even copy and pasted from the “My Collections Page” so no chance of a mistake and yet it still didn’t work.

    Ya get what you pay for I guess.

    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel says:

      Vytas, If you read the post it says that there were 50 free downloads. I am sure that other people have downloaded the screen saver and free downloads have expired. We will post another one of these soon and we hope you can get a chance to download them again.

  3. Gwen Hankins
    Gwen Hankins says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring! Please contact me regarding a photograph for e- book cover. I tried sending email but came back deliverable. Thanks. Bravo! I just saw your work for first time.


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