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In the past, Varina and I spent large amounts of time sending our images out to print magazines like Popular Photography, National Parks Magazine, and others. In the last few years, the exploding popularity of tablets and smart phones has had a dramatic impact on how content is created and how it is consumed.

Two and half years ago – when we decided to publish our first photography books – we decided to abandon the traditional paper-based publication. We made the careful decision to move directly towards digital eBook technology. Not only did this give us an opportunity to market out product directly to the consumers without dealing with a middle-man, it also allowed us to be creative with our content.

In 2012, all the publication requests we’ve received have been for electronic media. Literally – ALL of them. Most recently, our work appears in the first issue of Extraordinary Vision – an iPad Magazine for Photographers.

In this issue, we discuss tips for making money from outdoor photography – as well as how to create your own Google Currents based Magazine directly from your website. Extraordinary Image also provides a detailed account of Varina’s Icelandic Disasters… including some interesting photographs.

You can view the magazine on your iPad by downloading the app at: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/id563485634

The resource page can be found here: http://extraordinary-vision.com/contributor-resources

To learn more about photography check our our eBooks below:

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