Visual Wilderness Contest: Your Best of 2010

For those who don’t already know, all of us over at Visual Wilderness are hosting another contest. Submit your favorite nature photograph from 2010! The prize is a Vari-N-Trio Filter system from Singh-Ray! We want to thank them for sponsoring the contest, and offering such a great prize!

This is a fantastic filter system…

* Density can be varied from 4 to 8 f-stops just by rotating the indicator from Min to Max
* Polarization is controlled by rotating BOTH rings together, at any density setting
* Color enhancement is always working to subtly intensify the colors in your scene
* Allows you to use longer exposures to blur motion or flowing water, or other long-exposure effects
* Permits use of larger apertures in bright light for more shallow depth-of-field effects
* The built-in polarizer reduces glare from sky, water, wet surfaces, glass, and other reflective surfaces to improve color saturation and contrast
* Can function like an “iris” for digital video cameras to control exposure
* Available in 77mm only (Standard and Thin Ring mounts)

So look through your photos from this year and choose your favorite one! We can’t wait to see some great work from all of you!

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