Varina and Jay at the NFRCC Annual Fall Seminar

This year, Jay and I will be teaching the NFRCC Fall Seminar in Hamburg, NY. We hope to see many of you there! We will be teaching all day, so the $45 fee is an incredible value. And lunch is included! Awesome! :) We hope many of you will come out and join us!

Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012

Price: $45.00 US/CDN (Lunch Included)

Here’s what we’ll be teaching…

Morning Sessions

Composition & Mood: While the basic rules of composition are easy to understand, it is much more difficult to learn how to create impact with your imagery. How can composition and color impact the mood of the viewer?

Perception: The gestalt theories of perception provide insight into the way our brains process what we see. How can a basic understanding of how our brains work help us share our own vision with our viewers?

Hyperfocal Distance: Understanding hyperfocal distance allows us to ensure that every element in a wide-angle photo is in focus – from the pebbles just in front of the lens to the distant mountains. We’ll simplify this confusing concept and discuss the reasons for using it, the problems with calculating it, and the benefits of getting it right.

Afternoon Sessions

Histograms: Histograms are an incredibly useful tool – but most photographers aren’t using them to their full potential. We’ll talk about how we use histograms in-camera and in post processing?

From the Field to the Finished Product (This section will be broken into two parts.)

On Location: We will start by discussing the research we do before we travel and some of the decisions we make in the field. We will show some of our unprocessed images, and discuss the basic thought process that went into building them in the field. We will use the same images to continue into the next section…
Post-Processing: The sheer number of processing tools and software products available today can be overwhelming. We will show an overview of our workflow from start to finish. This section will focus on the tools we use ourselves – including Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW, and Adobe Photoshop. We will discuss the various stages we work through as we organize our workflow, process an image, and prepare it for print or web. (We will not go into detail about the specific processing techniques we use. Instead, this section is meant to help students learn to organize their work and develop a workflow.)

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  1. Mary Lou Frost
    Mary Lou Frost says:

    I was at the Seminar yesterday. I am looking for more information on calculating hyperfocal distance. Do any of your ebooks cover this topic?

    Mary Lou

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      I’m afraid we don’t have an eBook on Hyperfocal Distance yet, Mary Lou! It’s on our list, but we’re not there yet! I hope you learned a lot at the NFRCC Seminar! It was a real pleasure to be invited to teach!


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