Time to go Chasing Dreams

Finding Neverland, Florida Keys

I am happy to announce that today is my first day as a full time Landscape Photographer. I did not plan it this way, but life has a way of forcing decisions – sometimes through restructuring and unwillingness to relocate. ;)

When I consider working for another corporation, I realize that path will take me away from what I love… dramatic light, breathtaking locations, and the world of photography. I want to watch molten lava dropping into the ocean, witness a baby osprey’s very first flight, stand in awe by thundering waterfalls, and have lunch on the shores of turquoise lakes.  It’s time to go out and make interesting and amazing mistakes. Time to embrace the possibility of failure, and explore creativity. It’s going to be a fun ride.

So look for more workshops, one-on-one webinars, group sessions… and more eBooks and downloadable videos. And most of all – more photos that are my attempt to inspire you to go out and shoot more too! ;)


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