Fine Art Photography by Jay Patel

The New SmugMug

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Fine Art Photography by Jay Patel

Jay’s SmugMug Homepage – Click to view Jay’s Fine Art Prints

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. The New SmugMug is here, and we love the clean look and feel of our newly-designed Fine Art Galleries at Smugmug. The upgrade was completely painless – we actually had our new sites up and running within minutes – and we didn’t write a single line of code! We already had Smugmug Accounts, so setup was a simple process. We started by choosing one of SmugMug’s customizable site designs. Then, we swapped in elements we wanted for those we didn’t, and made adjustments to our theme colors and settings. We chose our own photos for the homepage. A few clicks of the mouse allowed us to customize each element to our liking. We previewed our sites to make sure everything was just right, and now we’re live!

Fine Art Prints by Varina Patel

Varina’s SmugMug Homepage – Click to view Varina’s Fine Art Prints

We think the new SmugMug is great! What do you think?

We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your links in the comments! And if you don’t have a SmugMug account yet – and you want one – you can use our discount code (SMUGMUGPATEL) to get a 20% discount!

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