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Here in the US, we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s a time to reflect on the good things and be grateful for the people who stand by you. And so, in the spirit of the holiday, we want to say thanks to YOU. We have had an amazing year. It’s had some serious ups and downs… but we’re so lucky to have a thriving business, friends all over the world, and the incredible reality of being able to get up every morning and get back to work doing what we love. Even better, Jay and I are in this together… which is beyond awesome. And the fact is – we wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.

So, Thank You for making all this possible. Thanks for sharing our blog posts, buying our eBooks and webinars, coming along on our workshops, and making our business strong.

As a little token of our appreciation, we’re offering a discount for all your eBook and webinar purchases. For the next two weeks – from today until December 9 – just enter our Thank You code during checkout code to get 20% off the total price of your purchase. You can use it to buy a single eBook, or to purchase the complete collection… and the discount is good for our iHDR webinar series as well!

Not sure what to get? Here are our recommendations:

Photography eBooks: Workflow SeriesThe Workflow Series is perfect for hands-on learners who want to get inside our brains to see how it’s done. It’s the next best thing to going with us on a workshop!

Apprentice Series Collection

The Apprentice Series is for photographers who want to make their portfolios stand out! Learn to “See” through the eyes of the pros, and find out how to get brilliant colors without the help of photoshop!

Photography eBooks: The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection gives you even more savings! It’s every single eBook we’ve ever written in a single bundle – and we offer a 10% discount in addition to this week’s special savings! This is the ideal gift-pack for holidays and birthday, and it’s a fantastic deal!

iHDRrecordingsOur iHDR webinar recordings are for photographers who want MORE! We take you through the entire process – from equipment and fieldwork, to post-production adjustments and blending. You get a complete guide to creating natural-looking blended artwork – and a whole new outlook on photography!

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