Survey 2014-2015 Workshops

Marble, Colorado (CO), USA

Last year, we took a break from offering workshops – but the response to our decision was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to start teaching on-location once again. In addition, Jay is now working on Photography full time. So, starting in 2014, we’ll be back in force! We’re in the planning stages now, and we’d like your input. We’ve put together a short survey, and we’re hoping you’ll take a few seconds to fill it out. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know what you think! We appreciate it enormously!

Our workshops are designed to encourage students to identify their areas of weakness in photography, and explore techniques and ideas for building strength in those areas. Our goal is to ensure that students can use what they’ve learned during their time with us, to improve their photographic work beyond the workshop. We teach together and limit the number of students we take along on any workshop. Doing so means we can offer more to each student, and students have the benefit of two instructors who can offer diverse teaching styles and points of view.

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