Photography Tips for Cloudless Skies

Sébastien Beun give three simple tips to help you capture stunning landscape photographs with a wide angle lens under cloudless skies.

Photography Business – One Year Later

When you start out on a new path, you don’t know if you’ll be successful so it is a nice surprise when things do work better than expected.

Sea Lions at Cannibal Bay

While filming our course in New Zealand, we unexpectedly ran in to this good-looking sea lion & he was a perfect model

A Little Black and White Magic Please?

Converting pictures to black and white is rewarding… but sometimes it's difficult to foresee how good a picture may look once converted to black and white.

Interview with Chamira Young

We talk to Chamira Young about variety of business topics including knowing your target market, having a strong portfolio, and more.

A Different Kind of Landscape Photography

Every now and then, I feel less inspired and need to force myself to look around for photo subjects. Sometimes I simply can’t find the proper interpretation for a scene.

Introducing InFocus Magazine

Our goal is to help improve your photography skills by providing highly focused coverage on all aspects of landscape photography.

Black and White Long Exposure Images

Athena Carey shares some photo tips with Visual Wilderness Readers on creating stunning Long Exposure B/W photos.

Leading Lines with Man made objects

Jay offers a few words of advice on using leading lines in your photos.

See The World Through Your Own Eyes

Photographers need to remember to stay true to their vision no matter what your critics say.