New Images: Escalante Nov 2010

Here are some images taken during our workshop in Nov 2010 in Southern Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Unique geology in t his region provides inspiration – and with a little bit of creativity, we produced some images that make us happy. :)

This photograph was taken in the Wahweep region. The numerous craters seen in this image were created by recent rain in the region.

This next photograph taken just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. The first rays of the sun lit up the small cacti from one side, but had yet the reach the ground underneath it.

This beautiful sandstone curve is streaked with colorful lines, and makes an interesting abstract image because of the depth of light. The lines seem to curve outward and then back toward the viewer in this composition, which adds an interesting twist.The first three images give you just a taste of the incredible diversity of detail in the Grand Staircase region. This last image gives you a broader view – but even a wide-angle shot can’t do this location justice. Turn a corner, and you’ll find something completely unexpected!  This shot shows the rich golden light on the colored sandstone, and the sky is already colorful as well.

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