Introducing InFocus Magazine

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Starting in January of 2015, we will be providing a free Landscape photographing mentoring program via our InFocus Magazine. Here is some information about the InFocus Magazine.

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What is our InFocus Magazine?
Our InFocus Magazine is a FREE landscape photography newsletter that provides in-depth coverage about all topics associated with landscape photography. Our goal is to help improve your digital photography skills by providing highly focused coverage on all aspects of landscape photography. For example, we start out by sending you a RAW file for you to process… and we provide you with a simple solution on how we went about achieving the results. This will be followed by topics such as creative compositions, manual blending, getting sharp focus, photographing waterfalls… and more. You will also get a chance to participate in free giveaways and discounts on our products.

The magazine is designed to deliver photography tips and tutorials in bite-size chunks that are easy to understand. We will provide inspirational stories, real life examples, easy to understand tutorials… and share some of our mistakes so you may learn from them.

Here is what to expect from InFocus Magazine:

  • FREE eBooks – Following the Light, Exploring Iceland, What Happens at a Workshop Stays at a Workshop
  • Access to RAW/Photoshop files to develop your post processing skills
  • Regular focused photography tips and tutorials to help you capture stunning landscape photos
  • Inspirational real life stories & photo tips from professional photographers
  • An instant 25% discount code for eBooks and videos

Email Policy: We never share your email address with anyone.