Interview with Aperture Acadamey

This month, we are the featured Photographers of the Month at Aperture Academy! We want to thank the team over there for the honor. Here’s a quote from the interview…

Aperture Academy: Would each of you please share with us a tale of your worst day as a photographer?

Varina: That’s easy. I was working for the first time with the Marriott hotel chain, photographing interiors for their website and promotional materials. I was nervous about working with a new company, and unsure of what they wanted from me. I arrived bright and early, worked my tail off all day long — and completely forgot to eat anything. At 11:45 pm, I stumbled to my hotel room. I was completely exhausted and absolutely certain that I hadn’t gotten a single good photograph all day long. A meal and a good night’s sleep made all the difference — and in the end, I had plenty of really nice shots. Everything turned out all right in the end, and I learned that I need to stop and eat. ;)

Jay : When I shoot I forget about the world. My email at work reads: “I am in remote wilderness and cannot be reached by snail mail, email, cell phones, pagers, UPS, Fedex, Pony Express, Federal Marshals, highly trained rescue teams or US Marines.” What can go wrong when the world does not exist? There was that time when I dropped Varina’s camera with her macro lens still attached…but I am trying to give myself selective amnesia so I can’t say much about it.

Varina : I’m trying to forget that, too. Ack!

When asked to pick her favorite image, Varina choose The Dreaming. You can read the entire interview here.

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