Iceland: Unmatched Majesty – by Robert Beideman

Today, we want to introduce Robert Beideman – and his breathtaking photography. Robert has joined us on several trips over the past few years. He is not just an inspiring photographer – but also a personal friend. In a few days, we’ll be traveling to Iceland with Robert – along with some other excellent photographers. We’re enormously excited about this trip. Take a few minutes to read what he has to say about Iceland – and then treat yourself to a tour of his website. You will be thoroughly impressed.

Please note that ALL images in this post are Robert’s. They can not be used or reproduced without his express permission. Please respect his ownership and copyright. Thank you!


A number of years ago, I got caught in Iceland on the return leg of a business trip to Germany.  I decided that I’d make the most of the trip, despite not having most of my photography gear accessible to me (in checked luggage).  Having but a single day, I struck out as far as I thought I could travel along the southern part of the Ring Road that circles this beautiful land.  By the time that I had to return to the airport that afternoon, my world had changed.

Iceland is a place of majesty and beauty that is unmatched in this world.  Sure, people can cite places like Patagonia, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Costa Rica, or hundreds of other beautiful places on this Earth…but none of them come close to Iceland in terms of the rawness of nature.  In this place, the elements of earth, air, fire, and water come together in a symphony that grabs all of your senses and holds onto them until well after you’ve left.  In this place, you have no choice but to become one with the world around you.  In this place, you finally come to understand the word “quiet.”

Every year since that fortunate flight delay, I’ve visited Iceland.  Some years, it’s only for a day…other years have found me there for north of a week.  I’ve been working to cultivate relationships with people key to the Icelandic tourism industry in the hope that I could someday begin the process of increasing the visibility of Iceland in the world of travel photography.  Well, that day has come.

In the coming weeks, I will be visiting Iceland with a number of seasoned photographers to plan out future Photography Workshops.  We will scout out and shoot some iconic places, as well as many far less-well-known places.  And, we will work with some key businesses in Iceland to arrange things so that future workshops are able to be offered to the photography community.

Specifically, we’ll be working with Hotel Ranga ( on the planning of accommodations for our future trips.  The staff at Hotel Ranga….and across the entire hotel chain…are some of the most considerate and helpful people that I’ve come across in Iceland.  Coupling that with the fact that their hotels are located in proximity to nearly every major area of interest in Iceland…and I couldn’t come up with a better partner to work with.

Additionally, we’re going to be working with (, a fantastic off-road tour company located in Iceland.  These guys know what they’re doing…and they know how to get to the places that most people can only dream of reaching.  Their tours are affordable, and their staff are amazingly knowledgeable.  We can’t wait to get out in the Superjeeps to explore some of the lesser-known parts of Iceland!

Lastly, we’re working with SadCars ( and HappyDays ( on future arrangements for rental cars and additional excursions that we may be able to add to our itineraries.  SADCars offers the most affordable rental cars in Iceland…seriously.  Top that with the fact that they’ll even pick you up from the airport!  They offer everything from small cars for road exploration all the way up to highland-certified vehicles for the more adventurous travelers.  And HappyDays is like a one-stop shop for booking of tours all around Iceland.  Their “travel discount card” is a MUST for anyone that decides to makes the journey.  We’ll be taking advantage of the discounts offered with this card everywhere we go (after all…we are photographers)!

As for who’s heading out on this journey with us…here’s a partial list:

Among the trip participants are Paul Marcellini (, Varina Patel (, Jay Patel (, and myself, Robert Beideman (  If you’re not familiar with any of their work, please do check it out…  You can also find each of them on Facebook or G+.

Once the trip is over, please check back for a complete trip report and what we each hope will be some fantastic images from this land.

Robert Beideman
Windmillchaser Photography

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