Iceland: Day 7

It snowed overnight – just a light dusting, but the distant mountains are breathtaking! The clean white snow stands out in brilliant relief against the black mountains! We returned to yesterday’s waterfall for sunrise. The sky was dull over the falls and it was cold as heck… but it’s hard to argue with such a beautiful location. And we did get some awfully nice color over the distant mountains!

After breakfast back at the hostel, we took a long drive through the highlands. It was nice and warm in the car – but awfully cold outside! We took a long detour to check out Háifoss – gorgeous – only to discover that our long detour was completely out of the way. :) We all agreed that we’d return to Háifoss to shoot in the evening light.

Afterward, we drove into the valley – where a small forest of trees grows. It was fantastic to see the beautiful autumn colors.

There was a tour bus down in the valley. At first, we assumed it was a group of tourists – and then thirty kids came running out of the trees and got on the bus. These were Icelandic school children – out for a field trip with their teachers! We smiled and waved at the kids – and made goofy faces at them. Kids are great. :)After shooting fall color in the valley, we returned to Háifoss for sunset. This is such a beautiful location. Háifoss is the second largest waterfall on the island – dropping 122 meters into a deep gorge. A smaller, but no less beautiful, waterfall called Granni flows nearby. We didn’t get much of a sunset – but the falls were well worth a visit regardless of the light. At least it didn’t rain on us. Much. :)

We returned to the hotel – arriving late in the evening. Had a quick dinner, a nice shower, and now we’re headed off to bed. The long hours are starting to catch up with me! I’m exhausted tonight!

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