Iceland: Day 6

My knee is looking much worse today, as the bruises develop. Yikes! Still – I’m standing… so no complaints from me. As long as I can get around, I’m good. We shot the mossy rocks this morning – and it didn’t rain on us! It sure was cold, though! We’re going through hand-warmers like nothing else this trip! They’re wonderful!

I found it very difficult to walk on the mossy rocks this morning – each step is a gamble out there, since you don’t know what’s underneath the moss. It’s safe enough if you are careful – and a fall wouldn’t hurt much… though  you have to watch out for pokey bits of lava rock sticking out here and there. Paul took a bit of a tumble and he said it felt like falling on a nice, soft mattress. :) Nice! On the other hand, with such a nasty bruise on my knee, I had a hard time adjusting my balance quickly and accurately. Rather than risking further injury, I turned back almost immediately and shot from the roadside instead.

We spent a good part of the day driving – shooting a stunning rainbow at Skógafoss, making another stop at Dyrhólaey, photographing the beautiful countryside, and making our slow way towards a great little hostel in the highlands. I was glad for the opportunity to rest my leg. I can’t drive at all right now – so Jay did all the driving. I even got a little bit of sleep on the road.

In the evening, we drove out to take a look at some waterfalls that might make good subjects for sunrise or sunset. The amazing thing about this area is that breathtaking locations seem to appear when you least expect them. As you are driving, the landscape seems to be black and barren. Just dark lava stretching for miles.  But you come around a bend, and there in the distance is a beautiful mountain peak – reaching up into the clouds. You come up over a rise, and the ground drops away in front of you, revealing a series of waterfalls coming right out of the rock… turquoise water twisting away through a deep gorge, fifty meters below!

No surprise on these rough road – one of our vehicles ended up with a flat tire. With seven guys working on it, we were back on the road in 12 minutes and 9 seconds. Pretty impressive, gentlemen! (There wasn’t much I could do on my injured leg – and the others obviously had it under control. So, I pulled out my iPhone… and timed them.) ;)

Afterward, we photographed an unnamed series of waterfalls under cloudy skies. Winds were so intense that I had trouble keeping myself in one place. But at least the gusts were pushing me away from the edge of the cliff rather than towards it! And this time, I held on to my camera! I’m not risking any more damaged equipment! Enough already!

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