Iceland: Day 4

Well. What can I say. More wind. More rain. Wow. It’s so windy out there that the swans are flying sideways. No kidding.

We spent the morning driving out into the valley past Seljalandsfoss. With weather like this, we’re focusing on exploring the island. We’ll make note of interesting locations and return to them another day – or on another trip. Because we can’t travel constantly, it important to make the most of our time on location. We don’t hang out in our hotel rooms when the weather gets nasty. We make the most of it. No matter what.

Everything is wet. The cows and sheep are dripping. The car windows are constantly fogged. And we’re watching the water rise all over the island. Where the rivers pass under the roads, the water is lapping at the underside of the bridges. Fences are nearly underwater. And visibility is limited – I know there are beautiful mountains in the distance… but I can’t see much beyond the edge of the road. While we were driving, I gathered everyone’s lens clothes and gloves and towels – drying them over the heating vents in the car. It worked nicely, since we’ve been in the car for long hours. A dry lens cloth can mean the difference between getting a great shot and throwing away a shot with water droplets all over it.

The rain is giving us one nice little bonus, though. The hillsides are covered in waterfalls – and the constant rain means they are flowing heavily! Gorgeous! The light is just right for shooting the falls – and we stopped regularly to get out and shoot. All that mist added another beautiful element.

We arrived at Jokulsarlon before sunset (not that we could actually see the sun). There are beautiful icebergs scattered on the beach… thousands of them… stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see! They are shiny and clear… or smooth and blue… some small enough to pick up in the palm of your hand… others the size of trucks! Incredible! I tried some long-exposure shots in the fading light. The ice shifts with each wave, and the ghosting effect that happens with a long shutter speed can be really cool – or it can ruin the photo entirely. :) I chose to allow the shifting effect in this shot (creatively titled Shift) – to show the ghosting effect I’m talking about.

The contrast is breathtaking. All that black sand – and the bright, clear ice. Gorgeous. It’s still raining! I hope we get another chance to shoot these beauties… maybe in some less-difficult weather conditions!

While I was shooting on the beach, Jay crossed to the other side of the road to shoot a beautiful lagoon. Icebergs shifted and bumped against one another with each wave. There’s a certain serenity to this place. The creaking and moaning of the ice makes it seem almost alive. I just can’t get over the beauty of all that ice!

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  1. Bob Kline
    Bob Kline says:

    Gorgeous photos once again. Iceland looks amazingly beautiful. Also, any place where swans fly sideways is a place I need to visit! Iceland here I come!

  2. rksopanam
    rksopanam says:

    i don’t know more about internet advantages,but un fortunately i fiound your page with google+,i ike photography,also ur snaps,

    heartly wishes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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