Dyrholaey, Iceland

Iceland: Day 1

Ahhh… air travel. There’s just nothing quite like it. This morning, we drove a couple of hours to Pittsburg – arriving in plenty of time to catch our flight. But the flight was delayed. So, we checked email, said hello on Google+, read up on photographing the Aurora… and waited. And then they put us on the plane… which taxied out to the runway and then turned off its main engine. Yep. Delayed again. Another half hour with freezing piped air blowing directly into my face… and we were off.

We arrived at JFK in New York, and were directed to Terminal 4 to catch our flight to Reykjavik… which would have been just fine… if Iceland Air was actually located in terminal 4. A handy information kiosk proved to be more helpful than the human customer service agent – go figure – and we found our way to the correct terminal at last. (That’s ok. We needed some exercise after sitting around in the plane all afternoon, right?) We went through security and checked our bags. Again. And then we spent an hour hanging out at gate 2, waiting for our next flight… with good friends. We met up with Paul and Shawn at the airport – they are both on our final flight. We’ll catch up with Robert, Neal, and Glade at the airport in Reykjavik. The wait at JFK was good fun, since we were all excited about the trip.

We hope to arrive in Iceland within a few hours… and from there we’re headed straight to… a grocery store. Now, don’t get too excited. :) We need to stock up on nutritious snacks, since actual meals may or may not materialize when we are hungry… more likely not. We intend to spend the next several days alternating between delicious hotel meals and random pre-packaged staleness. But we’re not here for the food. Let’s do this!

Boy, do I wish I could skip the airlines and just teleport or something. “Let’s do this!” doesn’t feel very inspiring when you say it in your head while watching some brightly-dressed lady dig around in her giant, blue purse in search of… well… let’s see what she comes up with… ah ha! Mints! Woo-hoo!

We arrived in Iceland as the last colors of the sunrise were fading away – and we picked up our rental cars from SAD Cars. Soon after, it began to rain – but rain is good exploring weather, so we stopped by Skógarfoss and Dyrhólaey before checking in at the beautiful hotel Ranga near the little town of Hvolsvöllur. What a pleasure to find ourselves in such comfortable beds after a long day of travel. We’re exhausted!

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  1. Henny Grevelink
    Henny Grevelink says:

    Hi Jay & Varina,

    I saw your first shots of Iceland, wonderful!
    We did a tour around Iceland (2300km) in 2006, so I know how beautiful this island is and photogenic. Maybe you can look at my pictures and take advantage of the scenery you want to visit. I’m looking forward to the next picture. Good luck (also with the weather)and a have a nice trip.
    Kind regards, Henny Grevelink.

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      Thanks so much, Henny! My problem is that I want to see every single inch of Iceland! We’re just going to have to keep on coming back! Nice shots, by the way! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Dodie Brown
    Dodie Brown says:

    My son, Murray, sent me your photos and blog of your trip to Iceland. I visited twice and toured the island, spending time with cousins. It is truly a magnificent place and your photos were exceptional. Thank you for your comments and photos.

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      It’s an incredible place, isn’t it, Dodie? :) Thanks for reading and for commenting – and a big thank you to your son as well… for sharing our blog. We really appreciate it!


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